Charles Corley's counseling and therapy approach recognizes the necessity of engaging the whole person – body, mind, spirit - in any kind of lasting, meaningful healing or personal transformation.

Charlie's experience as a counselor, peer-mediator, substance-abuse support person, mens' group leader, and group and individual therapist, combined with his own spiritual and personal growth path, have instilled a profound understanding of how to guide his clients through effective healing and growth processes.

He has expertise in counseling of relationship issues, depression, general anxiety, child/adolescent issues, loss and grief, and positive growth, applying Core Energetics, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Humanistic Method approaches. 

Core Energetics, created by John Pierrakos, MD (also founder of Bioenergetics) is a powerfully transformative body-based, or body-aware, therapeutic process that creates irrevocable change in clients' lives. Individuals who commit to this positively challenging work experience a reemergence into a fuller sense of themselves and a rich capacity for joy.

Core Energetics acknowledges that the human body responds to traumas and life events by holding energy; over time, this translates into physical and psychological blocks that manifest in behavioral choices.

Under the guidance of a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, clients  experience movement, voice work, and talk aimed at opening up energy blocks, to allow for natural, free expression of one's greatest vitality, capacity for pleasure, and connection with others. 

 The human body "is a marvel of creation...
Made up of millions of cells organized into muscular units,
tissues, organs and systems, it is the instrument on which
all the tunes of life are played"
founder, Core Energetics,
co-founder, Bioenergetics