Charlie is by far the best therapist that I have ever worked with, bar none. He is an insightful, compasionate, brilliant human being, who will guide you to your place of healing, and support you all the way. His warmth, honesty, and expression of unconditional love are some of his best tools.


As a therapist, Charlie is patient and challenging, sensitive and funny, inventive and in touch, empowering and connected. He has made dealing with my life and learning from it change from frightening to celebratory. He taught me to learn from my own reactions, confront the past, be in the present and truly enjoy the gift of life. I like myself better because of him, and I like others better as well! I trust life more, and I am more at home in my own skin. Charlie is a blessing I will forever treasure.

Charlie brings a deeply grounding mix of profound compassion and in-the-moment pragmatism. He brings you to  face your life, as it is, to stand in it, and make empowered choices, to claim the real magic that can be in this moment if you can step beyond the fear. Charlie helps you do just that, to take that step, by offering an ongoing, wise, experienced font of real support.